Custom Websites

When it comes to websites, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we work with each client to find the perfect combination of features to make the most of your online space. Our websites will tell your users who you are, what you offer, and give them the means to contact you, but that is certainly not all that they do.


You have something to tell the world. Whether it’s a personal blog, a news site, or integrating a blog into your existing website to educate and update your users, we’ve got you covered. A blog can tell stories, give helpful advice, give news and status updates, and start conversations with your demographic. A blog can also be an excellent way to advertise your expertise and build trust with your users.


Ecommerce, or online stores, can be extremely profitable. By setting up an online store your market immediately changes from local to national, or even global. You can also use ecommerce to provide an easy way for your existing customers to pay for goods or services.


If you do excellent work, you’re going to want potential clients to be able to see it. We can set up a portfolio that displays your work at its best. Whether you’re a photographer, an architect, or an artist/artisan, a portfolio can be the difference between making a sale or a customer going back to Google to find someone else.

Forums and Support Chat

If you need to be able to have conversations with your customers, this is an excellent option. You can answer questions, make sales, or share your expertise on a forum or in an online chat. We can create and customize a forum that suits the needs of you and your customer.


A WordPress blog doesn’t have to look like it’s made with WordPress. Some notable examples include The New Yorker, BBC America, MTV News, and BestBuy(US), which are all made with WordPress. As the most popular platform for web development, it’s abundance of options for functionality are cost effective and compatible with nearly all web browsers.

The best part is, you can easily manage a WordPress site yourself. We provide tutorials for our sites so that our customers can refer to them whenever they need to do an update, saving you from having to pay for updates and allowing your site to rank better in search engines when new content is detected.


Responsive websites automatically resize to the optimal proportion for the screen they’re being viewed on. That means nobody will have to pinch-zoom on your site on their phones or tablets, and there is no need to create a separate mobile version of your website. We create responsive sites by default. No matter what your demographic is, a large portion of your viewers (and sometimes even the majority) will be accessing your site through a mobile device. We will ensure that all of your customers have an excellent experience on your site.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A great site isn’t all that helpful unless your market can find it. We are focusing our attention on the latest search engine algorithms so that we can ensure that your website is available to anyone searching for your services. Remember: Search engine optimization requires maintenance. The search engines are constantly changing and refining the way that they rank sites, so it’s best to have this fine tuned if you find yourself falling down the list.

Custom Projects

If you have an idea of a web service you would like to provide, give us a call. You can draw on our experience to figure out how to bring your plan to life. We are more than enthusiastic about working on a project that has never been done before or taking on large projects.

What you get:

  • A final, responsive (optimized for all devices) website, live on your server
  • Email addresses associated with your website ( (Optional)
  • Video tutorials on how to manage your website’s content (Optional)
  • The best security practices to ensure that your site cannot be used to send spam
  • A jump start on your search engine optimization

***We do not host websites directly, but we are happy to recommend a hosting company and manage your hosting account.