Welcome to the Blog

By April 22, 2016News

That’s right, we’re starting up our blog now. It’s been a long time in the making, and we’re finally going to have some time to start it up. You might find yourself wondering,

What will we be posting about?

Informational and educational articles

One of our main goals has always been to give clients the tools and information they need to do what is truly best for their business. With our how-to series, it will be possible to do so much more on a small budget: including manage your own website, create graphics for social media, and communicate more efficiently with your designers so that less time is spent on revisions. We will also be posting about the latest news and research on how to get the best return on your marketing budget, and communicate effectively with your audience. We will be answering some of our most frequently asked questions and of course, we will be updating you on best practices for website management and online marketing in a quickly changing industry.

Client stories and successes

We like to celebrate innovative and charitable clients. We have had the opportunity to work with some pretty amazing people on some truly inspiring projects, and now we will have a place to share their work and the projects that we’ve been a part of.

An inside look into projects

If you’ve ever wondered what a project looks like, step-by-step, you will now be able to see. We will post process photos and videos so that you can see some of our work from start to completion so that you can see how a project goes from a concept to a product.

Services and policy updates

When we offer something new or change the way that we do things, we want to make sure that you understand exactly what that means and how it will affect you. We will make sure to give brief and informative posts on what services might be right for you and why we’re always adapting the way that we do things around here to stay on top of new technology.

What’s going on at DUC

We get to work on some pretty excellent side projects around here. As well as our internal business development, neat projects and opportunities often come up in the Thinc. coworking office as well as the Hubspace location. We’ll be posting podcasts, photos, and videos showing what we’re up to.