Are You a True Geek? Trivia Championship

Prove your geek cred!

We are holding an ultimate geeky trivia championship at Northern Fancon this weekend. Come and visit us at our booth from May 13th to 15th at the CN Centre to register and take the challenge and win some cool prizes.

We love geek culture and we love design, so we combined the two to test your knowledge of the symbols, ads and fictional brands in your favourite shows and games.

To compete:

  • Visit us at our booth in Kin 1 (we need to make sure you’re human)
  • Use your mobile device (or one of ours) to get to our website
  • Select your category: TV/Movies, Video Games, Cartoons, or Anime
  • Enter your contact info and hit “Start”
  • We’ll show you an image. Choose the show or game that it’s from (multiple choice) and hit next
  • Repeat until you run out of time
  • Check the leaderboards to see where you’ve placed
  • Repeat for the other three quiz categories
  • Try again the next day for a higher score

Prizes for each category and grand prize TBA

Current Contributors: Game Quest, Black Sheep Gifts, Famous Players 6

To get the link to the quiz, you can bookmark this page or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Don’t forget to challenge your friends and then study up so you can kick their butts this weekend!